Our Lobby is a spacious area with a flat screen TV where you and your pet have plenty of room to relax and not feel crowded. Our lobby is also split up into separate spaces for our canines and felines, to help your feline family members feel less anxious.

beaches animal clinic reception area

Check out

Our Checkout counter is separated from our waiting room with a separate exit so there is less congestion for your convenience and your pet. Enjoy our retail area while checking out. You’ll find leashes, collars, apparel, and many more fun things for you and your pet.

Exam Room – Standard

Our four standard exam rooms are fully stocked and are perfect for our feline and small canine patients.

beaches animal clinic friendly staff visit
beaches animal clinic exam room

Exam Room – Double

Our two large exam rooms are perfect for your larger canines or for multi-pet visits.

Exam room


Our sterile operating room is where all of our major surgical work is performed.


We provide modern equipment in our radiology suite to provide you with the best quality digital X-rays. We also have in-house ultrasound. For more sophisticated cases, a board certified internist/cardiologist is brought on-site.

Treatment Room

Our treatment room is where many minor procedures are carried out, including dental work and daily treatment of hospitalized patients.

beaches animal clinic treatment room large

Dog Runs and Food Prep Area

Our kennel is divided into three separate sections: two dog wards and a cat ward. There are plenty of runs and a large food prep area for the kennel to prepare your pets favorite meal.

Pets are taken out at least three times daily and given nice long walks around the property. They also enjoy playtime at least once per day by our friendly and nurturing kennel team.

beaches animal clinic food prep area
dog runs beaches animal clinic staff

Kennel – Cat Ward

The cat ward has large kitty condos (on the right) that open up for your cat to enjoy a large multi-level play area. We also have playtime, in which your kitty can use our scratching posts and toys to stay entertained. Our CatTV gives your feline friend the stimulus of watching birds, hamsters, crickets, lasers, and other fun things to keep them fascinated.

beaches animal clinic cat ward playing
beaches animal clinic cat ward


Our state of the art laboratory features the Idexx VetLab Station, which links our Idexx Lasercyte CBC machine, Chemistry, Urinalysis, Coagulation, and Snapshot so all of your patients information is easier and quicker to read and interpret. Our Snapshot gives us the ability to perform in house Thyroid profiles as well as Cortisol, Bile Acid, ACTH stim testing and Canine Pancreatits Lipase testing for immediate results that otherwise would have to be referred to an outsourced lab. Our newest addition is our Coagulation machine in which we can test for bleeding disorders that can be life threatening immediately for quick results. We also perform in house urine and fecal analysis, and various cytologies.

beaches animal clinic laboratory
beaches animal clinic testing

Intensive Care

Our intensive care section is equipped with an oxygen cage in case of respiratory distress. All cages are also equiped with warming mats, IV pumps, and Syringe pumps for precise measuring of fluids and medications. It is located between the treatment and laboratory section of the clinic so patients are constantly monitored by our highly trained veterinary technicians and veterinarians.

beaches animal clinic intensive care room


Any pet with a communicable disease is separated from the general population to keep your pet healthy and happy. The room is completely self sustained with a sink, a run, and a separate ventilation system. Depending on the disease, strict procedures for disinfection of anyone entering and leaving the room helps assure that our other patients are protected and stay healthy.

beaches animal clinic vet