New Client Form

Prior to your first visit please print complete this form so that we can effectively and efficiently provide the service you deserve!

Drop Off Form

If you are going to be dropping off your pet for an exam with the Doctor, please fill out this form in it’s entirety so the Doctor has all of the information they may need.

Boarding Form

Save time when checking in your pets for boarding by having your boarding sheet already filled out. Please note, if your pet needs an exam or vaccinations while boarding, there may be additional information needed.

Glucose Monitoring Form

Please fill out this Diabetes Management Progress Report for the Doctor when bringing in your pet for a glucose curve so they can better manage your pet’s diabetes.

Anesthesia and Surgery Consent Form

This form is providing consent for anesthesia and surgery for your pet. Please note, while this can reduce check in time, it is still hospital policy to discuss the surgical procedure with a veterinary technician. Therefore, please allow enough time the morning of surgery for the check in process. 

Dental Anesthesia Consent Form

This form is providing consent for anesthesia and dental cleaning for your pet.  It is difficult to assess dental disease and to perform a complete oral exam on awake patients. When your pet comes in for a dental cleaning, they are getting a complete oral exam while under anesthesia. Once tartar and calculus have been cleaned from the surface of the tooth using an ultrasonic scaler, the veterinarian is then able to assess the tooth. It should be noted that in many cases where severe infection or decay is found, your pet may have many teeth extracted.