Dr. William J. Daniel

Education: University of Florida,1984
Dr. Daniel has been a lifelong resident of Jacksonville Beach. As a teenager he spent his summers working for prior owners Dr. Conrad Williams and Dr. Ted Puffinburger as a veterinary technician and kennel assistant. Dr. Daniel attended the University of Florida where in 1979, he received a bachelor’s degree in microbiology, followed by a master’s degree in biochemistry in 1982, and then a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1984. He has been practicing at Beaches Animal Clinic since then and purchased the hospital from Drs. Williams and Puffinburger in 1994. In his spare time, Dr. Daniel enjoys fishing, surfing, and restoring antique automobiles.

Dr. Nancy A. Ramirez

Education: Kansas State University, 1993
Dr. Ramirez was born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and is fluent in Spanish and English. She studied veterinary medicine at Kansas State University, graduating in 1993. After practicing in Georgia for two years, she accepted the challenge of a higher volume clinic and joined our medical team in 1995. In 2003 she began studying veterinary acupuncture and herbal medicine. In her spare time, Dr. Ramirez enjoys tennis and spending time with her four-legged “children”.

Dr. Charles J. Cole

Education: University of Georgia, 2001
Dr. Cole was born and raised in Hazlehurst, Georgia. He received his bachelor of science in biochemistry and molecular biology in 1997 from the University of Georgia, followed by a doctorate of veterinary medicine in 2001. Dr. Cole practiced large and small animal medicine in Georgia for one year and then moved to Jacksonville to concentrate on small animal medicine in 2002 and practiced for three years on the North side of Jacksonville. Dr. Cole joined our medical team in April 2005. In his spare time, Dr. Cole enjoys fishing, playing the guitar, and spending time with his wife and “kids” (7 dogs and 1 cat).



Colleen’s family moved here from New Orleans when she was 8 years old. She is a graduate of Fletcher Sr. High (go Senators) and she attended college locally (UNF).
Colleen followed her music studies working as a musician and teaching percussion at local music stores. She was promoted to District Manager and operated seventeen music stores throughout the southeast. Does anyone remember Coconuts Music at Regency? 
Her career took a turn after she met a veterinary practice owner who needed a manager for his five veterinary practices. After managing those five practices, she went on to manage two veterinary referral practices called Affiliated Veterinary Specialists, Orange Park and Jacksonville locations. After several successful years at AVS, she moved to Atlanta and was the Practice Manager for The Cat Doctor. This Feline Specialty Practice had the worlds first Board Certified Feline Specialist. After almost fifteen years at The Cat Doctor, she moved back to Jacksonville Beach to be close to her family. Colleen enjoys fishing, watching college, arena and NFL football, playing poker, cooking and riding her 2016 white and teal Harley Davidson Road King Classic. Colleen is not only back home at the beach, she is also home here at Beaches Animal Clinic.



Front Office Manager

Kristie joined our team in 2005. She was promoted to Front Office Manager in June of 2007. She has sixteen years of experience in this field and can’t imagine working in an environment not surrounded by animals. She enjoys knowing that she makes a difference in the lives of our patients. She has 4 dogs; Nala a 13-year-old pit bull mix, Pebbles a 12 year old pit bull, Pawlie a 5 year old pitbull, Dixie a 4 year old pitbull,  Kastor a 1 year old cat and several fish. In her spare time, she enjoys sports, the beach, being outdoors, and spending time with her family and friends. She is always up for learning new things, which makes her a great asset to our team.


Connie joined our team in January of 2008 as a receptionist. She hails from South Carolina where she worked as a receptionist at a veterinary hospital. She really enjoys working with animals and loves to learn as much about veterinary medicine as possible especially observing surgical procedures. She has three cats named “Junior”, “Jasper” and “Gracie”. In her spare time, she likes to hike in the Great Smokey Mountains, walk along the beach, and reading.


Stacie is a Jacksonville Beach native. She started working at Beaches Animal Clinic back in 2012. She grew up in Atlantic Beach and graduated from Fletcher Sr. High in 2004. Stacie has always had a passion for veterinary medicine and loves helping our clients better understand the medical needs of their fur kids. Stacie is owned by 4 dogs and 3 cats. When Stacie is not working, you can find her at the beach or park with her toddler. 

beaches animal clinic staff


Kelsey has been working in the veterinary field for over 3 years now. She can’t imagine working any where else. Ever since she was a little girl, all she wanted to do was help and rescue as many animals as she could. Kelsey enjoys learning new things and being able to grow in her career. 
When Kelsey is not working, she is out enjoying a day at the beach or hiking with her two year old pit bull “Roxie”. She also enjoys getting out on the boat with her husband.
When the weather does not cooperate, Kelsey loves to watch movies or play a little game of tug-of-war and fetch with “Roxie”. Kelsey and her husband recently adopted a new kitten named “Lil Guppie” along with his mom “Catfish”. “These two felines have been a great addition to our little family”.



Certified Veterinary Technologist/Head Technologist

Frances began working at Beaches in April of 2004, and accepted the position of Head Technician in 2005. She started working as a kennel attendant in high school and later became a technician. She graduated from St. Petersburg College of Veterinary Technology in 2010, and received her certification in veterinary technology in February 2011. She went back to school in 2013 and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology from St. Petersburg in December of 2015. Since 2015, she has been working with the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) as a member of the National Credentialing Task Force and the Veterinary Nurse Initiative Coalition Workgroup. She has also been published in the NAVTA journal. 
She currently lives with her loveable rescues: “BlakeBortles Kombat”, a Shih Tzu; “Irish”, a Whippet/Border Collie mix; “Myles Jackson de Ville”, a Beagle/Dachsund mix; and her 4 cats “Puck”, “Stewie”, “Elephant”, and “The barn cat” Houston Mizzou. Her spare time activities include kayaking, camping, reading, and hiking with Irish. 


Certified Veterinary Technician

Tammi started working with us in June 2013 as a kennel technician. In March of 2014, she made the transition to veterinary technician where her positive attitude is always making our clients and patients smile. She has always wanted to be in the veterinary medicine field but in college was led down a different path causing her to put her dream on hold. She went back to reaching her goal and graduated from St. Petersburg College’s Veterinary Technology program in 2016. We were very happy to help her pursue her dream. Tammi loves being able to help animals: “They speak to us in so many ways and this is such a rewarding career.” She also loves seeing pets reunite with their owners after a surgery or treatment, where both the owner and the pet are both so excited to see each other. Her goal as a certified veterinary technician is behavior rehabilitation.

beaches animal clinic staff


Certified Veterinary Technician

Jennifer has always loved animals and knew at age 6 she wanted to work in the veterinary field. Throughout her childhood, Jennifer drove her Mom crazy with the amount of strays she brought home. She went to USF for undergrad and when she moved back to Jacksonville, she was able to become a CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician) through her studies at Sanford Brown College. 
Her favorite aspect of working as a CVT is being able to help animals more than she ever could growing up. “I now have the knowledge to help myself, along with other pet owners, to give their fur kids the best shot at a healthy life”.
Jennifer’s goal is to one day become a Veterinary Technologist. 
Jennifer has three rescued dogs: “Vegas”, “Hurley”, “Kylo”, and three cats: “Fauxrecio”, “Wrigley” and the very famous “Burt Macklin – FBI”. All three felines she acquired from BAC.
Her hobbies are canine agility, dock diving with her dogs, drawing and painting.

beaches animal clinic staff


Certified Veterinary Technician

Christina joined Beaches Animal Clinic in May of 2016. She has always loved animals and after 18 years in another profession, she decided to go back to school for veterinary sciences. Christina graduated from Sanford Brown College in 2015 with a degree in Veterinary Technology. Her favorite part of working at Beaches Animal Clinic is coming to work with a great group of caring people who help her learn new and exciting things everyday. Her goals are to become the best technician she can and to help families and fur baby’s alike. Her and her husband have 1 chihuahua, “Cinnamon” and 9 cats, “Artemis”, “Loki”, “Scout”, “Astraea”, “Poe”, “Rey”, “Kylo”, “Calliope”, and “Vader aka Black Bastard”, our Hemingway with 24 toes. Christina enjoys spending time with her friends, family and finding new and delicious cigars. 

beaches animal clinic staff


Certified Veterinary Technician

Toni joined the team at Beaches Animal Clinic in January of 2017. She graduated from Sanford-Brown Institute in July of 2014 with an Associates in Veterinary Science. She received her certification in Veterinary Technology in August of 2014. Of course, Toni loves animals, but her favorite part of the veterinary field is the continual learning. “Everyday is an opportunity to learn, and the more I know the more I’m able to help.” 
Toni is the recent parent of “Dr.Pickles”. Many of you may remember Beaches Animal Clinic’s Facebook post of a kitten that was rescued after being hit by a car right in front of Toni while she was riding into work. Toni tried but failed to get the kitten as ran into the woods. Just a few days later, that very same injured kitten was brought in to Beaches Animal Clinic by a good Samaritan. Needless to say, Toni quickly became “Dr. Pickle’s” Mom and she has been living the dream ever since!


Veterinary Technician

Kazue first started working with us in February of 2014. She came to us with multiple years of experience in private practice. She has always loved animals and wants to help them when they need it. Her favorite part of working in veterinary medicine is learning new things everyday and helping fur babies. Her goal is to go back to school to get a degree in veterinary technology and become a Certified Veterinary Technician so she can help animals wherever she goes.

Kazue has Tiggy, a munchkin cat, “Vern” her old man cat she adopted through the clinic (at 20 yrs old!) and even though her black cat “Salem” passed away at 14 he will “always be the best cat ever!”


Veterinary Technician

Mary started with us in May of 2014 as a veterinary assistant. She worked previously as a receptionist at another veterinary clinic and wanted to be more hands on with care of the pets. She enjoys working with and helping animals. Her favorite thing about working at Beaches Animal Clinic is that she loves seeing pets that enjoy visiting us, especially when the owners say that they’ve been scared at other veterinary clinics. She is currently enrolled in the Penn Foster Veterinary Technician program, where her goal is to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. She also wants to work with equines and large animals in the future.


Veterinary Technician

Rachael started working at the clinic in April of 2014. She comes with years of experience in emergency and private practice. She loves working in veterinary medicine because of the fast paced environment where everyday there is something different to do. She is our second resident cat lady and loves making cats more comfortable while they are staying in the hospital. She is currently enrolled in the Veterinary Technology program at St. Petersburg College, with a goal of becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. She also wants to be on the Price is Right, own a cat cafe, and “hug every cat”.

beaches animal clinic staff


Veterinary Technician

Dianne has been at Beaches Animal Clinic for a total of five years. All her life she wanted to be a veterinarian. After starting her career, she quickly knew she actually wanted to be a Veterinary Technician. Her favorite part of being a Technician is seeing watching sick patients get well. She has a big travel goal of going to Japan as she loves to travel. She is also a foodie, loves to go backpacking, then enjoys couch surfing while watching Netflix.


beaches animal clinic staff


Pet Care Manager

Jackie started at Beaches Animal Clinic in just February of 2018 but has vast experience in animal welfare.
Jackie is from San Francisco where as a youngster in 1975, she started volunteering in the wildlife department at the Peninsula Humane Society. In 1980 Jackie moved to Simi Valle, Ca. and volunteered at the local shelter and Vet Clinic while she was finishing High School. From 1983-89, Jackie was stationed in Italy and volunteered with a local veterinarian in Brindisi. After returning to the States, she worked as a Veterinary Assistant in Indiana, and then moved to Louisiana and opened an Animal Shelter. In 1993, Jackie finally landed here in Florida and worked as a veterinary assistant, receptionists, and then found her zen position as a pet care manager. She has been taking care of fur kids in this capacity for over nine (and counting) years. Jackie is owned by two miniature poodles “Rico” and “Rosie” and a 20 year old cat “Candi”.


Brie was born and raised right here in Jacksonville. She remembers coming to Beaches Animal Clinic as a little girl with her grandparents. So, her becoming a team member at BAC just three years ago was surreal to her. She loves all the fur kids, their parents, and team members here at BAC. Her animal care world started back at the age of 14 in a boarding facility where her boss taught her how to be an animal trainer and groomer. Brie worked with exotic felines and was the first to volunteer at Neptune Beach Animal Control. She is currently in school working towards a Master’s degree in Zoology with a goal to work in wildlife conservation. She wants to “fight the ultimate fight” for those animals who don’t have a voice. “Working with animals has always been a calling in my life and its amazing to work with people who would do anything to make sure all animals who come through our doors at BAC are safe and cared for”.

beaches animal clinic staff


Chris is a Jacksonville native. He has been working in animal clinics for seven years, the last two with Beaches Animal Clinic. Chris started his animal career in doggy daycare before joining BAC.
Chris plans to go into veterinary school and his first choice is being a “War Eagle” attending the University of Auburn. After he retires from being an Veterinarian, Chris wants to then start an animal rescue.”I love my job and I love all of my adopted fur kids that come to see us at Beaches Animal Clinic”.


Aaron has always loved animals and has a special bond with our feline friends. Aaron served in the Navy as a Culinary Specialists and completed eleven deployments overseas while he was on active duty. 
After the Navy, he attended Culinary School for advanced culinary and pastry arts. 
On Aaron’s off time he enjoys dressing in Star Wars characters to do charity work at Wolfon’s Children’s Hospital and other charities throughout the Jacksonville area. 
“I really enjoy working at Beaches Animal Clinic and I consider them part of my family”.